Family Portrait

Five months ago, we became a family of four. I painted this to sit above our fireplace, at least for now.

(I’m unable to offer commissions at the moment due to lack of time, what with the children! But perhaps in the future.)

Drawing Club

I’ve spent recent months busily designing and making garments for Inside Crochet, one each for children and adults! It’s exciting stuff and I can’t wait to show you; the first is due out next month (eek!)

While we wait, I’ve been making myself some winter mitts to wear while pushing the kids in the pram. Sibby and I have been breaking out the art supplies, too, and drawing up a storm! I’ll post photos once it’s finished!

Left: Drawing Club! Right: U-Turn Mitts by Sybil R


Knitting this jumper was a real labour of love! First I had to translate the pattern from Norwiegan – thankfully google translate did 75% of the work. Then, I sourced the yarns from Europe. When I’d finished, Kristen herself sent me the matching buttons because the shop wouldn’t ship to the UK!

It’s knit in the round from Peer Gynt, with a steeked opening. Steeking is where you secure the knitting (using a crochet chain, or sewing machine) and take your scissors to it to turn a jumper into a cardigan. You pick up the stitches down the opening and add button bands. On this cardigan, a border is crocheted all the way around to neaten the hems. Lastly, it’s embroidered with flowers, which I did using little £1 skeins of tapestry yarns from Hobbycraft.

Pattern: Wiolakofta, by Kristin Wiola Ødegård

It’s a Bing Thing!

Bing. In our house, it’s a double edged sword – Sibby adores her black bunny friend and it often buys me time for a hot coffee and a quickl shower. However, her adoration goes as far as emulating certain scenes from the programme, including episodes “mural” and what should be entitled “sula’s shoe ends up in the toilet”.

The pattern was created by me, and is available free as a pdf download on Ravelry (link below)

Pattern: Bing Bunny Hat, by Catherine Waterfield

Birds Ahoy!

I usually knit and crochet with 4ply/sock weight yarn, because I feel it gives a neater finish than DK or Worsted/Aran yarns, so this project was a bit of a departure for me. I loved how quickly the thick yarn knitted up, but if I’m honest I feel it would’ve been improved had it been designed in 4ply! The birds are intarsia, and the scallops are fairisle. I worked out it took a whopping 44 bobbins of colour to work the birds!

Mods: I knit it bottom-up instead of top down, because I didn’t like the way the increases stood out in the thick yarn; I also added short row shaping to the back of the neck. I also added scallops to the sleeves, which made a nice touch I think. The heart was swapped for an anchor, a la Viola Gee.

Pattern: Birdie Fair Isle Cardigan, by Hannah Fettig

Oregon Cowl-a-thon

I love Starmore patterns. The colours are always stunning, and it uses a beautiful fluffy 4ply yarn which I adore. I made two of these cowls – one for myself, and one for my sister.

Mods: I omitted one repeat and decreased an extra time after chart B, to make it more snug around the neck. The second time I knit it, I added an extra repeat of pink to make it a wee bit taller, too.

Pattern: Oregon Cowl, by Alice Starmore